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    May 10, 2017

    Featured Writer: Lyndsey Royek, AgChoice financial specialist

    Spring has sprung! We are officially out of the cold and snow, looking forward to warmer weather and the new life that the spring season brings. It is exciting to know that we do not have to bundle up every time we walk outside. However, spring can also bring a hefty to-do list, including cleaning up, planning, scheduling and gathering supplies. It can be stressful trying to fit in everything we feel is necessary.

    At some point in life, everyone will experience stress. Whether stress stems from family, work or an event, there are ways to cope with it. Stress can cause emotional and physical health problems, and it limits your ability to think clearly and enjoy life. Since we know that stress is inevitable, it is wise to learn how to manage the stress that will arise. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but here are some simple stress management techniques that you could try right now.

    1. Write it down. Writing daily for just 10 to 15 minutes helps clear the mind and allows for reflection on what caused the stress.
    2. Let it out. Talk, cry or even scream to relieve stress inside.
    3. Do something enjoyable. Engage in a hobby, exercise, listen to music or volunteer to channel energy into something that is fun and relaxing.
    4. Delegate responsibilities. A lot of stress comes from over-committing and feeling like you cannot get everything done. Alleviate stress by handing some responsibilities over to someone else.
    5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating right and getting enough sleep reduces stress. It is easier to stay positive and energized when self-care is a priority.

    These are only five ways to manage stress in life, but there are many more. Stress will come in all forms and from different sources. With planting season and clean up time here, there may be a lot on your plate, but learning how to manage stress will help reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed. I wish everyone success for the 2017 planting season and happy spring!

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