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Shared Purpose

Inspiring Growth in Our Families, Businesses and Rural Communities.

Knowing You

Getting to know you and your farming operation is at the heart of how we do business. Let us help you plant the seeds for success.

Understanding Your Needs

No two businesses are the same, and we understand that. Learn about our specialized products and services for the forest products industry.

Financing Your Lifestyle

We know rural America, from bare land tracts to rural residences. Share your country living dreams with us; we can help to make them a reality.

Supporting Business

The future of your business relies on the choices you make today. Discover how our business services can assist you in the decision-making process.

Who We Are

With $1.7 billion in loan assets, AgChoice Farm Credit is a customer-owned business that is part of the nationwide Farm Credit System.

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Young or Beginning & Small Farmer Programs

At AgChoice Farm Credit, we understand that the needs of young or beginning and small farmers are unique.

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  • Tips for First Time Home Buyers


    Featured Writer: Mandy Rhodes, AgChoice Financial Specialist

    Home buying can be an emotional process. You find the place of your dreams, make an offer, wait to hear if it’s accepted, call your lender, gather all your information, wait to hear if you’re approved, wait to hear if the appraisal was high enough, wait to schedule closing, wait, wait, wait.  Having recently purchased a farm for the first time, I know the anxiety associated with this life changing event. Additionally, having worked for AgChoice Farm Credit for a little over five years, I can proudly say that we do our best to take the “wait” out of it.

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  • What Does Your Farm Message Say?


    Featured Writer: Shelley Carfolo, AgChoice Loan Officer, Meadville Branch

    Is your farm message in working order? Do you assume everyone involved in your operation knows everything there is to know and can speak intelligently to a consumer of your products? As with most things, we don’t know something is broken until it’s time to use it.

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  • AgChoice Patronage Video

    Watch this video to learn more about AgChoice's Patronage Program.

  • Feb


    PA Dairy Summit

    Join us for the 2016 Pennsylvania Dairy Summit, considered the premier dairy event in Pennsylvania.

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  • Feb


    Penn State Extension: Grazing Guides for Dairy Systems Webinar Series

    Tall grass grazing has become a popular management practice for beef cattle in recent years. Learn how this practice is being applied to dairy grazing.

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  • Business Planning Resources

    Planning is an important component of today’s farm businesses, especially when an operation goes through a big change like starting a new enterprise or transferring the business to the next generation.


    Through 10 branch offices, AgChoice Farm Credit serves approximately 7,700 customer-owners in 52 counties in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

    Loan Calculators

    The loan process can leave you with many questions. Use our simple and straightforward calculators to start learning about the loan process.