Field Notes

  1. Dairy Producers: Don't Miss the Opportunity to Enroll in the Dairy SPR Benchmark Program!
    Today’s dairy industry is more challenging and complex than ever. There are many factors affecting your operation, and your... Read More
  2. Crop Insurance is a Valuable Tool
    It takes a significant investment to produce crops. A person can use the best seed, chemicals and management practices, but the... Read More
  3. Business Planning Resources at Your Fingertips
    Planning is an important component of today's farm businesses, especially when an operation goes through a big change like... Read More

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An Agricultural Credit Association with approximately $1.6 billion in gross loan assets. Through 10 branch offices, it provides financial and business management services to approximately 9,800 customer-owners in 52 counties in central, western and northern Pennsylvania as well as four counties in West Virginia. AgChoice Farm Credit's mission is to create maximum value for its customer-owners. While our primary focus is for loans and services in Pennsylvania's largest industry -- agriculture -- a secondary and closely related focus is to offer country home loans, forest product loans, agri-business loans and small farm loans in our rural communities. We can service all of the credit needs of the part-time and full-time farmer, as well as the mortgage credit needs of the rural homeowner. In addition, we also provide business management services from credit life insurance, consulting, accounting, record, payroll and tax services and much more! Contact us today!

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Upcoming Events

  1. Lewisburg Dairy Day Meeting
    Thursday, March 05, 8:30 AM-3:00 PM
    Lewisburg, PA
    Industry Events
    AgChoice Farm Credit is pleased to be a sponsor of the upcoming Dairy Day being held on Thursday, March 5, 2015 at the Country Cu...
    Event Details
    Mar 5
  2. Mooving Toward the Goal - SW PA Regional Dairy Day
    Thursday, March 05, 8:45 AM-3:15 PM
    Blaisville, PA
    Industry Events
    Mooving Toward the Goal Southwest Pennsylvania Regional Dairy Day Penn State Extension and regional dairy industry businesses are...
    Event Details
    Mar 5

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